Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thank you to all the wonderful talented artist that came out to  
Lifedrawing Muze Workshop last night 12/27/2017
Wilber Hernandez , Ethan Espinosa , Aaron Melendez
, Jennifer Nie , Evelyn Luu , Cecilia Medford ,
Wood Boyles , Akira , Tom , Kathern Hair, Nick Marti
Gen , C.P.M. Jones , Andres Olivares , Francisco Palomares
Jason Steiner , Jennifer Steiner , Nathaniel , Robert Stewart , 
Art Morales , Marcel , Marcus Stuart  Rina Cabrera
Special thank you to our Beautiful Muze Darcey

Here is some of the artwork from last night workshop 

& some picture of the artist at work and our Beautiful Muze Darcey

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