Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thank you to all the wonderful talented artist that came out to  
Lifedrawing Muze Workshop last night 7/26/2017 
Clinton Jones , Amanda Frataccia ,Susie Thai , Fernanda , Wood Boyles
Chris Chen , Tim Malstead , Mark Yates , David N. , Louie Metz , Rob, Marco Vazquez , Austin Chang , Miguel Bernaba , 
Nathaniel , Carlos Cortez , Rina Cabrera , Karen Acharf, Christian Geo
Jean Robaire , George Baeza , Randy Mayor , Richard Conte, AAron Melendez , Charlie Su , Gloria M ,
 Pablo Villagomez , Malvi 
Special thank you to our beautiful Muze 
Here is some of the artwork from last night workshop &  
some picture of the artist at work and our  
Beatiful Muze Shadia 

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